Vehicle Maintenance Checklist Of Items

Although your vehicle will come packed with new technology, it still requires regular care and love to function properly. The power steering, cruise control and the camera side mirrors do not function on their own for long term time periods. Just as you had the maintenance kit in your car in the olden days, you must carry around one still. For new car owners there might be a slight confusion of what exactly to have in the vehicle with you. Here are some of the most basic of items to have with you for emergencies.

The spare oil container (brand new is preferred)

One of the essentials to always have when driving (along with phone numbers of road accident compensation lawyers in Sydney) is a spare can of oil. If your car does not run on electricity then you will need this item. Usually exhaust gases and bits of metal will contaminate your oil and will make it less efficient than it should be. This is something that is hard to prevent even in the most modern cars (not electric cars). Sometimes your car might come with a monitoring system that will tell you about the oils condition. For those who are not so lucky will have to rely on the spare can.

Extra battery

One of the problems of unknowingly having your parking lights on or something is coming back to a dead car. A spare battery will become a life saver just like the road accident compensation lawyers in emergency situations. For electrical cars, you will need just the charged battery to keep in your car to have the car going strong. Or you can buy a solar charger to work with you when the car ends up dead.

Air filters

If you drive around cities or dusty areas, then your air filter survival days are numbered. Expert mechanics always recommend to change your air filter every 5000 miles or so, but usually you can go up to 7000 or 10000 miles as well. If your air filter is not working properly then you will end up paying a lot more for gas and maintenance. Sometimes a bad engine can cause your air filter to burn out prematurely as well. So if you air filter is not in the greatest condition when you replaced it just a while ago, make sure your engine is fine.

One of the most famous items to keep in your list of spare items in the vehicle is brake pads. If you are prone to braking at breakneck speed then your brake pads have a short life expectancy. Most mechanic shops offer free brake pad inspections so take advantage of these offers.