Types Of Law Practices

Before you decide on becoming an attorney, you need to understand the branches in the field. Although one can practice general law, it is always best to specialize in specific field. This will not only give you more recognition and enhance your market potential, but will also help you to earn more. Listed below are some common and popular practices that you can take into consideration.

Criminal Attorneys

As a defense attorney, your main priority would be your client. It is your responsibility to relieve them off the accusation by providing the right witnesses and documents on his/her behalf. There is a lot of demand for criminal attorneys in the market since the crime rates in society are higher than ever before. Also, it wouldn’t be so difficult for you to find a firm to practice since there are lots of them in the current industry.

Commercial Attorneys

If you are planning to do business or economics along with your law degree, then you might want to consider getting into corporate law. There are currently lots of litigation lawyers in the market who are earning well. As a corporate attorney, your main concerns should be contracts, collections, incorporations and patents. These type of lawyers usually earn quite a lot since they work under big firms that deal with million dollar cases for reputable organizations.

Family Lawyer

If you are not interested in the work that litigation lawyers do, then try out family law since it is contrastingly different. Your work would be based on divorce, adoption and child custody. Although the occurrence of divorces is increasing, it can be quite difficult to find clients. This is mainly because people prefer to use the services of their personal family lawyer for such personal purposes. However, once you find the client, it would be quite lucrative since you will be dealing with all their family legal problems on the long term.

Real Estate Lawyer

Property and real estate law is yet another emerging field in the industry. In this field, your work would be focused on foreclosure, neighbor disputes and landlord & tenant disputes. If you are interested making a lot of money out of the job, this is the ideal field. Real estate attorneys make a higher income than most of the other types of attorneys since their clients are usually from the higher end of the society.

Apart from these, you can also take other types of practices into consideration. These include environment attorneys, civil rights attorneys, personal injury attorneys, bankruptcy attorneys, etc.